Have peace of mind when you add Pagesenty to your server

The confidence you gain knowing that, no matter where you are, you'll be notified if your server stops serving can be liberating. Blissful serenity can be yours by dropping the HTML document you're reading now into the root directory of your webserver. If you're reading the print version of this document then you will need to download this page: Our Pagesentry software will then begin checking for pagesentry.html on your machine. This has the dual purpose of verifying that your computer is reachable and that the webserver is dutifully answering HTTP requests. Of course, when you've uploaded this document to your web server we're going to need to know! I mean, how can we monitor your webserver if we don't know it's got the Pagesentry.html?
OK, I'm sorry. That was not warranted. I guess I shouldn't skip afternoon Tai Chi class afterall. [finding center] Now then, let me rephrase that: once you have the pagesentry.html installed, why not write us at Support@LABridge.com with the full address of this document. For example:
"Hi L A Bridge,
I did it! Please add http://www.MyServerFarm.com/pagesentry.html to your monitoring service.
Muah! xoxoxox"
When we receive your e-mail we will add a 5 minute recurring test that loads this page and looks for the word "Pagesentry". Easy, huh?

But how does it work behind the scenes? Good question. If our pagesentry program can't create an HTTP connection and verify the word "PAGESENTRY" in this document then L A Bridge staff will be notified that your system may need attention. E-mail triggers, SMS txt messages and loud server room alarms all contribute to the Pavlovian cacophony we L A Bridge network admins respond to on behalf of our beloved clients. It's a living.

We do have one more request: If you routinely restart your machine then let us know which day of the month and which hour of the day to expect this. We can tell our pagesentry to relax it's check-ins for the timeframe that your machine is undergoing maintenance. For example, if you build new kernals on Saturdays, and occassionaly on Sundays, then tell us to take 6am to noon off the weekend schedule. If you do elect to have us monitor your machine 24 hours per day, please let us know in advance if you'll be doing work that takes your server offline. These alarms are taken seriously and will be heard at 3pm as wells as 3am.

What's that? You think you might like to know when your server is down too? That can be arranged. When you've installed Pagesentry.html just write us a note enumerating your various e-mail, SMS, Blackberry and Nintendo DS addresses where you'd like alerts. If you think you've lost access to your server or that your server has lost access to you then you should try visiting http://status.LABridge.com:8080/ before calling in. Bookmark it now, why don't you?

One consideration: If you run log analasys programs like Webalyzer, WebTrends, FunnelWeb or Analog then you should tell those programs to ignore reporting any "hits" to the document called pagesentry.html. If you don't then you may get a false statistic about how many visitors are actually coming to your site. The reason for this? We program Pagesentry to visit your website every five minutes. Log analyses can't tell the difference between Pagesentry and a common couch potato surfing your website. Another option is to configure your log file analyzers to exclude any addresses in the Class C address range where our Pagesentry monitors live.