DSL Troubleshooting for Windows

If you are experiencing connection problems then please go through each of the steps below to identify where the problem is before calling L A Bridge technical support.

1. Check for 3 Solid Green Lights on the DSL Modem
If the READY light is blinking on a Westell modem or if there is anything less than 3 solid green lights on other modem types, then go to step #8.

Check Ethernet Cable
Make sure you have a solid link between your DSL modem and the first Ethernet device connected to it. A solid green link light on your modem indicates a good link. Otherwise follow the Ethernet cable and make sure it is connected to your computer, router, hub or switch and to the DSL modem. If you have an older Fugitsu DSL modem with a serial number ending in 12, you'll need a cross-over cable. All others should be using a straight through ethernet cable.


DHCP Lease
Find out if you have a valid address using the ipconfig command in windows.
Go to the START menu and select RUN. In the RUN command type: cmd, and click OK. A DOS window should open, now type ipconfig, if your IP address starts with 169 you should type ipconfig/renew. If you see an IP address starting with 206 or 207 you are probably back online. If the IP address starts with anything different than 169, 206 or 207. Starting instead with a number such as 192, for example, you have a firewall router on your LAN and you must proceed to re-start that device.
If you have windows 95, 98 or ME you should type winipcfg on the Run command. See example image below.

You will see an IP Configuration window open. From the pull down menu select your ethernet adapter. In the "IP Address" section you should see a number starting with 206.117 or 207.151. If there is a number starting with 169.XXX then click once on Release All and once again on Renew All. If you still don't get an address starting with 206.117 or 207.151 then proceed to step #8

4. Local Area Networks (LANs)
Try plugging one of your computers directly into the cable that attaches your DSL modem to the hub (or router). If a single computer connected to the DSL modem is able to obtain a lease and use the Internet then your problem is local to your network and may be a bad hub, bad port on the hub or incorrect wiring of your LAN. Verify whether you can see other computers on your network by clicking on the "Network Neighborhood" icon on your desktop. If you can see your other computers then the problem is probably in the connection between the hub and modem. Make sure the uplink port (AKA "cascade") on the hub is connected to the DSL modem using the supplied Verizon crossover cable. If there is an uplink button then this should be in the uplink position. Some hubs (Asante for example) have uplink ports that share their connection with one of the standard ports. Make sure you don't have a cable plugged into the standard port which corresponds to the uplink port.
5. Check TCP/IP Settings
Windows users should check that their Network control panel has the TCP/IP protocol installed and is pointing to their Ethernet adapter. Please see Configuring your TCP/IP Settings.
6. Do a "ping" Test
A ping test will tell you if your connection is active. Do a ping test to see if you can reach our router. Use the L A Bridge Network Utilities page to do Ping and Traceroute test directly from your Web browser. Or from the START menu select PROGRAMS then MSDOS Prompt. Type:

If your DSL connection is down you will see "Destination Host Unreachable". If your connection is good then you will see lines showing the response time in milliseconds. (See example image below; command shown in red.) If this fails then go to step 7.


Trace Route Test
If you can ping our routers IP address, but you are unable to connect to our site or a particular Web site then there may be a DNS problem. Do the ping test again but this time type: ping gw.LABridge.com. If that works then DNS is fine and you should try to do a "traceroute" to the site you are trying to reach (i.e. TraceRt www.yahoo.com).
From the START menu select PROGRAMS then MSDOS Prompt. Type: tracert

See example image below, command shown in red.


Call L A Bridge:
Call L A Bridge at 310.228.3626, option 1. We will open a trouble ticket and help you establish where the problem lies. If you have an alternative Internet connection fill out an online trouble ticket

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