Configuring DSL For Windows NT

Setting up an DSL connection is very easy.


You will need to install a network card in your computer. If you don't know how to do this you may want to have a Computer Store install a network card. At LA Bridge Internet we can refer you to a consultant but we ourselves to not sell or install network cards.

Once you have the network card installed, connect the ADSL modem to your network card using the "crossover cable" which GTE should have supplied. You are ready to try to connect.

Software Configuration

Referring to the diagram below, open - Settings->Control Panel->Network, find the "Local Area Connection Properties" and find the TCP/IP settings for your network card (not the dialup adaptor). You don't need to set anything except "Obtain an IP address automatically" as shown. Make everything look like the diagram. Restart your computer. You should be online.

Please note that there are several different versions of Windows NT. The diagram here corresponds to the current version 5.0. If you have an older version it should be similar. You may also want to refer to the directions for Windows 98.