Enabling L A Bridge DSL on your Macintosh

Establishing a new DSL connection is easy and fast. L A Bridge servers will automatically configure your computer each time it starts up. This ensures that you always have the latest TCP/IP information and makes upgrades on our network transparent. We think you will find the process easier than what you have experienced setting up dial-up software in the past.

Before you start, make sure you have connected the Ethernet port on your Macintosh into the DSL modem using the supplied cable.

1. Open the TCP/IP control panel (under Control Panels in the Apple menu).

2. You may want to save your existing TCP/IP settings in case you need to switch back or if you move your computer away from the DSL location. You can do this by selecting 'Configurations ' from the file menu.

3. Click the 'Duplicate...' button and type "LABridge-DSL" like below.


4. Click the 'OK' button then click 'Make Active'.

5. Change your TCP settings to match the ones in the figure below:

6. Close the TCP/IP control panel answering 'Save' when it asks you to save.

7. Launch your web browser and connect to http://www.LABridge.com/. At this point, if you don't see the L A Bridge homepage call L A Bridge technical support at 310.228.3626.