DSL -- Troubleshooting

  • Make sure all three lights are lit solid green on your Modem
  • LAN users should make sure the uplink (AKA "cascade") hub is connected to the DSL modem using the supplied GTE crossover cable. If there is an uplink button then this should be in the uplink position. Some hubs (Asante for example) have uplink ports that share their connection with one of the standard ports. Make sure you don't have a cable plugged into the standard port which corresponds to the uplink port.

  • Use the L A Bridge Network Utilities page to do Ping and Traceroute test directly from your Web browser.

  • Macintosh users should optain the program "WhatRoute" from: http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~bryanc/ (Freeware) or IPNetMonitor from http://www.sustworks.com/ (shareware). Use one of these programs to 'Traceroute' to

  • Windows users should check that their Network control panel has the TCP/IP protocol installed and is pointing to their Ethernet adaptor.

  • Windows users should do a ping test to see if you can reach our router. From the START menu select PROGRAMS then MSDOS Prompt. Type:


    If your DSL connection is down you will see "Destination Host Unreachable". If your connection is good then you will see lines showing the response time in millesconds.

  • Mac users can do the same test using WhatRoute.

  • Important: all DSL customers should print this check-list now!

Save the results of the ping and traceroute tests as a text file and Fax the them to 310.821.0716. Include your trouble ticket number in the body of the fax.

If your connection was working before and suddenly stopped then please contact GTE at: 888.391.1234 and give them the phone number which DSL is applied to.