L A Bridge Internet & DSL "network down" checklist

(Tack this page up near your DSL modem in case you suspect DSL service has gone down.)

If your modem has 3 solid green lights, but you can't connect to the Internet, the first thing you should do is power cycle the modem. This will usually clear the "stuck" residual digital signal in your network and get you connected again.

Follow these steps:

  1. With your computers on..., unplug the power cable on the modem, at the back of the modem (not the wall socket).
  2. While the DSL modem is shut off, power down the computers at your location (including routers or hubs).
  3. Once all equipment is shut down or unplugged, plug the power cable back into the DSL modem.
  4. Wait for the 3 solid green lights on the DSL modem (ROUGHLY 40 seconds)
  5. Power up hubs, followed by routers or wireless base stations if you have them.
  6. Power up the computers(s) last.
  7. Launch your Internet browser and see if you can get to:
    http://Status.LABridge.com:8080/ (Network Status). If that doesn't work then do a ping test to see if you can reach our "core" router.

  • In Windows just click on the START menu --> select PROGRAMS then MSDOS Prompt. Type: 'ping' (without the quotes). If the response is "Network Unreachable" or "No Route to Host" or Host is down" then call and tell us the specific error message right away.
  • On Mac OS X and above: click on the finder icon in the "Dock". Click Applications --> Utilities --> Network Utility and enter under the "ping" tab. Take note of the response before calling us at 310.228.3626.

While you're at it: bookmark the "Network Status" page that you just loaded above. This website is updated every five minutes automatically giving reports of network health. This is an especially good resource for people who think that some portion of their Internet service is not working. If you don't see anything highlighted in red then you know that the L A Bridge network has no known problems. If there are no problems on the L A Bridge network then the problem you are experiencing is most likely on your local network or somewhere further out on the Internet beyond L A Bridge control.

If you have three solid green lights on your DSL modem and you still don't think you have Internet access then contact L A Bridge at 310-CAVE-MAN (310.228.3626). Explain that you have already conducted the "recovery procedure checklist" and that you are experiencing a "Sync-no-surf" situation. We will handle the issue from there. Thank you!